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miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

Dominic Miller & Neil Stacey - Another Day

Este duo de guitarristas logra un clima extremadamente intimiesta con este tema de su álbum New Dawn, del año 2002.
Leemos desde un review:
    Dominic Miller, guitarist of Sting and Neil Stacey made a wonderful record together called 'New Dawn'. Both all well-known guitarists and with a great career. Both are composers and arrangers and play as well solo, as in groups. What is great on this album, both players give another lots of space, to improvise and interact with each other. The title track 'New Dawn' has typical influences of Dominic Miller's playing together with Sting, together Neil and Dominic build unique imaginary soundscapes in a wonderful atmosphere which is often made with a sound processor, these effects create this excellent sound, which is intimate and reflecting... 'New Dawn' is from the beginning to the last note a capturing , meditative and moving guitar album. Great stuff.
Claramente, al crítico le pareció lo mismo que a mí. Que lo disfrutes!

Dominic Miller & Neil Stacey - Another Day

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